Watch: EXO's Xiumin, WINNER's Song Mino, And Kim Min Suk Wage Hilarious Battle Against Moth - soompi

Kang Seung-yoon | 2018-05-18 02:51

ATFAlthough Xiumin was initially startled by the moth, he quickly took charge of the situation and attempted to catch the insect as Song Mino and Kim Min Suk scrambled to get as far away as possible. Xiumin came to the rescue, valiantly chasing the moth upstairs as Song Mino worried, "If it goes upstairs [to our bedroom], I won’t be able to sleep."While the other members cowered in fear, Xiumin attempted to placate the moth into submission, saying, "I’m sorry. Come here, I’ll only hit you once."Unfortunately, however, the moth proved too fast to catch, and the members were ultimately forced to give up their quest.